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Slipping through the Cracks – Neverwhere

“There are hundreds of people in this other London. Thousands maybe. People who come from here, or people who have fallen through the cracks. I’m wandering around with a girl called Door, her bodyguard, and her psychotic grand vizier.” Welcome to London … Continue reading

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Alienation in the City – A Week In December

First of all, my apologies for the rather late appearance of the post on this weeks novel, A Week In December by Sebastian Faulks. Better late than never eh? A commendably ambitious novel, A Week In December attempts to capture the … Continue reading

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The ‘Writer Reader’

Following from Pete’s comment to my first post on Mrs Dalloway, this week we started off our discussion of Woolf’s text with a key question: do writers read book differently? Are we, as writers, robbed of the pleasure of losing … Continue reading

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